Eric's Network Tech Tips

  1. Angry IP Scanner
  2. IP/Port Scanner
  3. Colasoft Ping Tool 1.1
  4. Colasoft MAC Scanner 1.1
  5. Changing MTU on Windows and How to Troubleshoot Black Hole Router Issues
  6. Automate your network monitoring process
  7. Network Latency
  8. Who Is database
  9. Bandwidth Calculator
  10. Command Line Networking Tools
  11. Microsoft Network Monitor 3.1
  12. How to Disable TCP Auto Tuning
  13. iperf for Windows Version 1.7.0 or version 2.0.5

Eric's Misc Windows Tech Tips

  1. Simplify server identification - Rename My Computer
  2. How to Customize the Command Window
  3. What's my IP and Screen Info or or
  4. Index to Windows Processes/DLL's
  5. Understanding Windows Svchost.exe process
  6. How do I know if my computer has USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 support?
  7. Creating Logon Messages
  8. Want to run the group policy editor? Just run gpedit.msc
  9. Where utility
  10. Searching/Replacing the registry from a command line
  11. Protecting Files During System Restore
  12. Startup Items
  13. Autoruns - Enhanced version of MSCONFIG that shows all startup items
  14. CCleaner - flush out all the junk files and bad registry entries on the computer
  15. A Virtual CD Driver that allows you to mount an ISO
  16. To view or mount ISO files on Windows 2008 - Requires a reboot
  17. To view or mount ISO files on Windows 2008 - Does not require a reboot       x64       x32
  18. Free PDF Creators pdfcreator and
  19. Fossil Speed - Free Online PC CPU Speed Test and Performance Meter Benchmark

Eric's Misc SQL Tech Tips

  1. How to identify when a database was restored, the source of the backup and the date of the backup
  2. How to connect to SQL when completely locked out
  3. Get IO Stats for each DB
  4. sp_who2 that allows you to sort & Filter.
  5. Get Top 50 Commands
  6. tempdb Layout
  7. How many CPUs and cores
  8. msdb in suspect mode - How to recover by restoring from a backup
  9. Search all Triggers for specific text/commands
  10. Quick SQL performance check
  11. SQL Backup & Restore Script

Eric's Windows T/S & Citrix Tech Tips

  1. Great Acticle explaining Terminal Server Licensing
  2. Brian & Ron's Terminal Server book in PDF Also available in chm format (for chm, save as to local disk first.)
  3. Brian's book on Citrix Metaframe XP in PDF Also available in chm format (for chm, save as to local disk first.)
  4. Kixtart Login Script Example
  5. 2-user testing Presentation Server licenses
  6. printer scripts
  7. SpeedScreen LatencyReduction Explained

Eric's XP Tech Tips

  1. Windows Product Activation (WPA)
  2. XP SP2
  4. Change your XP CD Key
  5. How to Back up your Product Activation Files
  6. How Can I Find Out my XP CD Key?
  7. 50+ keyboard shortcuts for moving faster in Windows XP
  8. Enable write access to a floppy disk from within Recovery Console
  9. How to replace the motherboard on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000
  10. How To Remove Invalid Entries In Add or Remove Programs
  11. Removing the Files Stored on This Computer group from My Computer in Windows XP
  12. Removing unused device drivers
  13. Launch Windows Explorer with administrative privileges on Windows XP Pro

Eric's Windows 2003/2008 Server Tech Tips

  1. WMI fileter tool - Scriptomatic Version2
  2. How to disable the administrator account
  3. Understand group policy hierarchy
  4. To find the Resultant Set of a Policy run RSOP.msc
  5. Integrate UNIX systems with Services for UNIX
  6. Win2003_Teminal_Server_Lockdown.doc
  7. See how Windows Server 2003 can snap back from disasters with Automated System Recovery
  8. Familiarize yourself with Active Directory's five FSMO roles
  9. Energize your Windows Server 2003 scripts using PowerShell
  10. How to Configure Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop - Remotely
  11. Adding a Server Running Windows Server 2008 to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 Network
  12. SBS 2003 R2 does not allow Terminal Services

Eric's Internet Explorer Tips

  1. Can I download more than two things at a time with IE?
  2. 60 keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

AV - Spam Tech Tips

  1. Best free spyware removal tools
  2. Windows Live "ONE CARE" Safety Scan
  4. McAfee/Sonicwall installer
  5. AV Tools
  6. Free Trendmicro Scan (AV and Spyware)
  7. McAfee On-Line Free Scan
  8. McAfee Wireless Scan
  9. Free Scan by Panda
  10. AVG Anti-Virus
  11. Roxio has released an update for their driver
    that fixes a problem when running the Roxio CD drivers
    together with AVG Free Edition. The update is available
    for download from the Roxio site here
  12. Firewall Settings for AVG [PDF]
  13. Microsoft Antispyware Beta
  14. MS Malicious Software Removal Tool
  15. Rootkit Revealer
  16. Antivirus 360 removal mbam-setup.exe

Eric's Linux Links/Tips

  1. Compare the various Linux distibutions (Over 441 distrobutions!)
  4. or
  5. Now combined with Lycoris,> a well respected desktop application that allows access to Windows files and folders.
  10. Setting up a VPN server with OpenSWAN

Microsoft Links

  1. Microsoft Partners
  2. Microsoft License Calculator

Sonicwall Links

  1. 05/01/2007 Sonicwall AV Manual Install
  2. mertool.exe - utility to gather PC info for Sonicwall Support


  1. List of printers which Do or Don't print tracking dots.
  2. A place to put files to dump or exchange them later
  4. SMTP authentication and send emails using Telnet